With 20 years of experience and possessing multiple credentials in taxation, trusts and estates, and international trade, I offer a variety of services necessary to accomplish the various goals and objectives of my clientele. As much as I consider myself a legal generalist, I am also highly knowledgeable in several areas of law to be able to offer services at a level expected of an expert in his field.

I received my law degree from the New York Law School and my LLM in Taxation from Villanova. I am licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey.

Upon graduation from Villanova’s Masters in Taxation program, I embarked on a career that afforded my clients the full spectrum of services from estate planning, including fiduciary taxation, to estate administration and probate. Having worked at accounting firms as well as law firms, I am highly regarded as an expert in my field providing my clients with a complete spectrum of the work I do for them from its inception to completion.

In connection with my expertise in international matters having to do with tax and law, I also provide a complete array of services to the import and export business community in connection with their customs requirements and export controls. Having developed a passion for international trade, I embarked on an intensive self study and hands on learning of customs regulations and export controls.

Attorney Jacob Krief

Jacob Krief

Attorney at Law